Paris, Milan, The Hague, May 27th 2024 - The Accessible Backlist Ebooks Laboratory (ABE Lab) project partners - EDR Lab, Fondazione LIA and KB (The National Library of the Netherlands) - released the final public report of the project, available online on the official ABE Lab website deliverable page. The report can be read online and downloaded in PDF and EPUB format.

A survey, available online, was launched to gather feedback on the project’s impact and relevance and to guide possible future activities dedicated to backlist remediation ebooks. The survey is specifically aimed at publishers and can be filled out until June 30th, 2024.

This final project report is composed of 5 parts providing an extensive overview of ABE Lab’s findings and achievements. It includes:

  • a short introduction presenting the context and the main issues addressed by the project, detailing the partners, objectives and expected impacts
  • a summary of the activities conducted and of the methodologies
  • a part dedicated to the main findings, detailing the most prominent challenges to consider to develop an effective approach to the remediation of the backlist ebooks
  • an outcomes section resuming the main deliverables of the project and*
  • a final summary of the state of the art and of possibilities to consider for the next steps.

The final report summarizes the activities carried out during the 18 months of the project and highlights the potential and need for future developments to address the remediation of backlist ebooks at the European, single Country, and publisher levels.

With that release, the Accessible Backlist Ebooks Laboratory (ABE Lab) project is reaching its conclusion. The last month will be dedicated for dissemination activities and meetings with publisher associations.


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