Guidelines for remediation tools producers

Released 2024, may the 7th. Diffusion: Public.

This document aims to provide high-level guidelines that can be used by producers and developers of remediation tools to design, develop or improve their own tools, highlighting the requirements these tools should include to be effective and to support the human operators by making the process as simple, intuitive and fluid as possible - depending also on the competence of the target users.

Report on Backlist Data and gap analysis

Released on 2023, October the 30th. Diffusion: Public.

This document has two objectives. The first is to provide stakeholders with insight into an overview of the number of ebooks actually on the European market and their repartition by categories, formats and years of production. This is addressed in the first main section “Composition of the EU ebook backlist”. The second objective is to provide a view of the gaps to be filled for the titles in the backlist to reach conformity to the EAA. It is covered by the second main section “Gap analysis”.

Detailed evaluation of the tests made on ebooks

Released on 2023, October the 30th. Diffusion: for project members and contributing publishers only.